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Discussing the Shift from Conventional to Regenerative Agriculture | Baku State University (Azerbaijan) May 2023

Helping others grow their own food is a critical part of our mission to improve food security. Sponsored by USAID, Dylan had the opportunity to return to Baku, Azerbaijan, in May of 2023 to participate in the annual Caspian Agriculture Expo. At the event, he met with farmers, agronomists, and students with whom he shared the innovations and opportunities of hydroponic food production. Dylan also met with the rector of Baku State University (BSU), who invited him to give a lecture on controlled environment agriculture, which was attended by professors and students across many disciplines. Check out the university’s publication of the event here.


Dylan is collaborating with Josh Dusci, executive director of the Aquaponics Association, and Elshan Baloghlanov, founder of Greenway Farms, to teach hydroponic and aquaponic food production to students and professors from BSU. The course is being held virtually, with in-person exchanges planned for the future.

We are excited to exchange ideas to improve agriculture practices to be more environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable.

Dylan Gives Lecture at Baku State University May, 2023

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