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Inspiring innovation in hydroponic food production & education

Danbury Hydroponics will serve as an innovative node in the local food web of Western Connecticut by producing and distributing high-quality food while emphasizing sustainability in our economy, society, and environment. We will employ modern hydroponic technology to produce highly-sought fruits, vegetables, and herbs for the local marketplace.


What are Hydroponics?

Hydroponics are dynamic agriculture systems that grow plants in a closed loop of nutrient-rich water. They can reduce land and water use to deliver products to consumers in less time and better quality than conventional agriculture. Danbury Hydroponics will use smart, efficient, and non-toxic practices that allow consumers to purchase healthy food without compromising cost, quality, or environmental impact. In addition to sustainable food production, Danbury Hydroponics provides innovative hydroponic consulting services.

Dylan Darius Mehri founded Danbury Hydroponics in 2022 after the passing of his grandfather, Dr. Parviz Mehri, pursuing a dream that they shared to grow food near their family home in Connecticut.

To fulfill this vision, Dylan earned a Master’s degree in Urban Agriculture from the University of the District of Columbia, where he led the hydroponic greenhouse production for a multi-institution research project on the economic, environmental, and social sustainability of controlled environment agriculture. Over the last few years, Dylan also worked on organic vegetable farms in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Colombia.


Dylan has been invited to speak at conferences and consult on hydroponic projects locally and abroad, including in México, Azerbaijan, and Colombia. Fluent in Spanish, Dylan lived in Bogotá and Medellín, Colombia, working with organizations focused on social and economic mobility for youth and marginalized communities.

With the “think global, act local” mindset, Dylan and Danbury Hydroponics will promote food self-determination and environmental sustainability through education, consulting, community outreach, and food production.

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